NorthBendES -M.vonTrapp

The 2015 North Bend Elementary School Green Team with teacher Meredith von Trapp

Students in King County schools who want to take on a project to prevent waste of resources, recycle as much as possible, protect green spaces, and other actions for the environment can form a Green Team. Funding and other assistance are available to complete these projects.

Are students at your school willing to take on projects to help the environment become a cleaner, greener place? If so, register to become a King County Green Team.

Green Teams can earn recognition for their actions.

  • Get a certificate of achievement when you complete a new classroom activity to reduce waste, improve recycling, or protect habitat.
  • Get a certificate of achievement, plus prizes such as water bottles or pens made from recycled plastic when your team completes a new school-wide activity or two new classroom or grade-level activities.
  • Be featured on this blog!

The 2013 Northwest Yeshiva High School Green Team

For resources on activities to green your school, go to the Waste Reduction and Recycling section of the King County Green Schools documents page.