Spanish-language classroom workshops are available for elementary schools

Learning to properly dispose of the waste we produce and to make choices that reduce waste and protect the environment are important things to learn at a young. Presenting this information to students in their primary language can make the difference between information that is left in the classroom and information that is takenRM-CMYK_Spanish-Large home and shared.

Two of our elementary school workshops have been recreated in Spanish. Teachers in dual-language or immersion programs featuring Spanish can request to have one of these Spanish-language workshops for their students. Hábitats Saludables teaches students about the importance of habitats and how our waste reduction and recycling habits affect them. Recicla Más teaches children about waste reduction practices and the basics of sorting items for recycling.

These Spanish-language workshops recognize the importance of reaching students in their primary language. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in King County after English. Introducing fundamental recycling and environmental awareness in the language they know can make children whose first language is Spanish more interested in the topic. They may be more apt to share the information with their parents at home, thereby reducing any barriers that may exist between the parents and the education their children are receiving. Everyone benefits in the end, including the environment.

To schedule these or other workshops, send an email or call Triangle Associates at 206-583-0655..