Make a difference on National Make a Difference Day

National Make a Difference Day began in 1992 with the purpose of getting everyone outside and giving back to nature. We all have busy schedules, and with the little bit of time we get to ourselves, we might hesitate to spend it picking up trash from city streets or pulling invasive weeds from parks. But isn’t it up to us to help our environment, even if only once a year? Once a year is better than never!

You may think what you do is minor and won’t make a difference. But if everyone does minor environmental green acts, together we can make a difference. National Make a Difference Day is about all acts, big or small. Some people may plant trees or pick up litter, others may help build homes for those less fortunate. It all depends on what you like and how much free time you may have. Below are some volunteering opportunities in King County:

  • Help keep our parks free of invasive species that can put other plants at risk. Volunteer as a Weed Watcher.
  • Support King County’s Strategic Climate Action Plan by planting a tree to offset Ilalko-ES-Auburn Clean Sweep 2018 Group Photogreenhouse gas emissions.
  • Pick up litter around your neighborhood or school.
  • Teach someone about proper recycling. Share the latest information on how to recycle right.
  • Visit City Soil Farm to learn about composting, recycled water, rain gardens and volunteer days. Treat yourself to a bag of fresh produce!
  • If you love wildlife and are concerned about habitat, volunteer for salmon!

National Make a Difference Day can be integrated into the school day, with activities such as litter pick-up scheduled during recess, and lessons during class time on the importance of recycling.

You can make a difference of any size. Helping the environment in any shape or form can help us head down the right path to an environmentally sustainable future. Maybe setting aside one day a year can be the place to start to eventually make it part of your regular life. Volunteering can be fun when you participate in things that are of your interests. Find the place where you enjoy giving back to your community and have fun!