Walk for the environment and your health!

The first week of April is National Walk Week and Friday April 6 is National Walk to Work Day. Walking not only helps the environment by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions, but also leads to health benefits! Let’s all celebrate the first week of April by walking together to better the environment and ourselves.

Some benefits of walkingwalkers

  • When you walk instead of drive or ride in a gas-powered vehicle, you lower your carbon footprint, which combats climate change, improves air quality, and reduces pollution levels.
  • A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that “Walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running.”

Ways to get motivated to walk

  • Plan your morning commute to avoid or minimize driving. Walk to the nearest bus, light-rail station, or ferry stop.
  • Walk with someone – a friend, family member, or even your dog.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Park farther away when you reach your destination.
  • Make the familiar new again by strolling your local park or walking around your own neighborhood.
  • Buy a fitness tracker and track your steps. Find small goals to complete steps every day or challenge your friends to a walking competition.

The University of Washington will be celebrating National Walk Week with more than 50 scheduled walks on their three campuses. You can create your own walk on a local King County trail near you.  TrailsPortalHero

Keep walking up to Earth Day and beyond. See how walking affects your carbon footprint with this calculator from The Global Footprint Network. The calculator shows how many planets would be needed if everyone followed your lifestyle. The site provides suggestions on how to lower your carbon footprint.

Let us know how you celebrated National Walk Week! Tell us what motivated you to walk. 40479648254_d5a880ebec_z