Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Go, Green Team! readers. Do you know how many paper cards will be purchased next week? Approximately 190 million. If you add in all the cards that are given in classrooms as well handmade cards, the total comes to a whopping 1 billion. Can you imagine how many resources are used to create and distribute so many cards? Show the Earth some green love this Valentine’s Day. Practice a little extra waste reduction, recycling, and composting during Valentine’s week.

Here are a few suggestions to cut down on paper waste:

  • Send a virtual Valentine’s Day email.
  • Buy 100% post-consumer recycled Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Send a voice message or a voice memo letting your loved ones know how much you care.
  • Use your children’s existing art for Valentine’s Day cards they can give to their teachers and classmates.

If you’re buying gifts, consider these suggestions:

  • Buy Fair Trade gifts such as candles, chocolates, skin care products, and other items.
  • Giving flowers? More than 250 million roses are grown and sold just for this special day. Consider buying fair trade roses and help farmers globally, such as those in Ecuador and Colombia who cultivate these beauties. Here’s an article on 3 Ways to Get Full Benefits of Your Fair Trade Roses.
  • Another idea is to buy your special someone an indoor plant they can enjoy all year long. Consider buying a native flowering plant for the garden. Here’s a list of native plant species.

If you do end up buying a card or roses, dispose of them in the most eco-friendly way. Most paper cards can be recycled, so place them in your recycling bin. For more information, visit Recyclable paper is a resource. Once your roses wilt, put them in your yard waste bin to be composted. Give them a second life!

Take a look at our Eco Consumer page for more ideas on DIY gifts using upcycled or recycled gift wrappers, boxes, and other materials.

Have a great Valentine’s Day. Remember you don’t have to wait until February 14 to show your loved ones that you care.

Let us know what some of your best green tips are for Valentine’s Day. Leave us a comment down below.