March 12 is Daylight Saving Time – What else can we save?

Daylight saving time 2017 starts at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 12. There’s an interesting and complex history to daylight saving time! While it’s questionable whether daylight saving time conserves energy, we can do other things in our daily lives that without question save resources and will help our Earth.

Save energyTurn Off Equipment Save Energy
•  One easy way to save energy is to unplug electronic devices when they’re not in use. Devices that remain plugged in while off, such as cell phone chargers or toasters, can still use “phantom energy.” If you use a power strip, you can easily turn off many electronic things with one switch.
•  Run your washing machine and clothes dryer with a full load of clothes to minimize energy and water waste from those appliances. Tumble dryers use a large amount of energy compared to other appliances. You can even go a step further and dry your clothes with a clothesline whenever possible. The clothes will smell great, too!

Save water
Make conscious choices to lower your consumption of water. Here are some ideas!
•  Take shorter showers – a small shower timer can help with this.
•  Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth.
•  Just like the clothes washer, run your dishwasher only when you can fill it.
•  Make your toilet a low-flow toilet by putting a bottle of water in the tank. It takes up space, saving that volume of water with each flush, which adds up to a lot over time!

Save used batteries and hazardous waste to dispose of safely
•  Here’s information on the household hazardous waste program in King County, which offers collection sites and other information about dealing with hazardous items. Batteries, fluorescent lights, e-waste, and paint are among the things that should not be thrown in the garbage.

Save your food some travel time
School garden
•  When food travels a long distance to reach us, as much of it does in our current system, it uses a large amount of fuel and other energy. This adds to climate change. Reduce your food miles by growing your own food or buying food locally. Your local farmers market may offer a great selection of fruits and vegetables and even conversations with your neighbors.

Save money when you need clothes
•  Donate your old clothes to a thrift store, then shop for other clothes there. Remember, these used items will be new to you! If your clothes are too worn out for other people to wear, Threadcycle will take care of them.
•  Another fun option for “new” clothing is to hold a clothing swap with friends. Ask a large group to bring clothes and accessories so you get a variety of sizes and styles. Have a great time playing dress-up and finding your new favorite clothes!

Make saving resources a part of your everyday practice. And remember to save daylight by turning your clocks forward one hour this weekend. Spring forward, as they say!

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