Enumclaw Middle School class sends students in search of food-waste facts

how-much-foodThe Alpha leadership class at Enumclaw Middle School has a long-standing history of student action projects that reduce waste and promote environmental stewardship. At the start of the 2016-17 school year, the fall class was contemplating what it could do to make a difference. Because food waste is the number one item thrown away in most schools, students chose to learn a little more about this issue. Here are a few facts:

Did you know the average American throws away over a half-pound of food per day, contributing to the 160 billion pounds of edible food thrown away every year in this country? Did you know that it takes about 150 gallons of water to make a loaf of bread? If you throw away just one slice, you are wasting approximately ten gallons of water.

The students designed an engaging way to share memorable facts like these with the rest of the student body. To cash in on the current social media craze, they are planning to use either the Pokémon Go reality game or other trending activity to create their own real-life search for food waste related facts around the school. Students who participate can earn bragging rights for the most facts found (and learned!) on campus. The Alpha class students hope to educate and inspire others to waste less. They’re planning to pair recycling containers with garbage cans in every hall to offer convenient recycling and waste stations that make it easier for students to recycle.

Thank you, EMS Alpha Leadership class for your work!