What are you doing for Earth Day?

Earth Day is April 22. Celebrate the earth with an environmental activity. Consider a field trip, an in-class project, a take-home activity, or class presentations. Here are some project ideas and resources.

Projects and activities

  • Read a book about pollution or the environment. Create a poster, book report, or other display about the important messages in the book.poster
  • Create a nature scrapbook from your local area. Add pictures or plant samples and label them.
  • Be a reporter. Make a video with you or your friends acting as news reporters on environmental issues. Highlight ways “viewers” can help.
  • Figure out how much trash your family is creating in a day or a week. Make sure recyclables and compostable are being properly sorted out. Make a list of ways to reduce the amount of waste in your household.
  • Conduct an interview with an environmentalist. Find out what you can do to protect the area where you live.
  • Take a walk in a public area and pick up trash. Make a poster, video, or other display to encourage others to keep the environment clean.
  • It’s National Poetry Month! Write a poem about recycling, our rivers and streams, or local plants and wildlife.


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