What’s Your Green Team Project?

Has your green team decided on a project for the year? Here are some ideas!

Campaign to reduce lunchroom waste

A significant portion of school waste comes from the lunchroom. Things like milk cartons, juice boxes, food packaging and food waste can add up to a lot of waste. The Green Team campaign to reduce lunchroom waste has three components: recycling beverage containers, recycling food scraps and food-soiled paper, and promoting waste-free lunches. The goals can be addressed together or individually.

Carpool project

In Washington state, petroleum used for transportation is the number one source of air toxins and greenhouse gas emissions! CarpoolprojectAn excellent way to reduce the environmental impact of your school is to encourage students to make changes in the way they get to and from school. The Green Team Carpool Project has step-by-step instructions for implementing carpooling days at school and for helping students understand how their transportation choices affect the environment.   

Paper recycling campaign

Recycling paper is both easy and important! Recycling paper saves resources like trees, oil, and landfill space. Through a school-wide recycling campaign, you can help conserve natural resources and improve the recycling rate at your school. Many schools throughout King County have increased recycling using the Green Team Paper Recycling Campaign. It provides guidelines to help you succeed in increasing awareness of and participation in your school’s paper recycling program.

Plastic bottle reduction and recycling campaign

Plastic is made from a non-renewable resource – oil. The same oil we use to run our cars and heat our homes. The Green Team Plastic Bottle Reduction and Recycling Campaign has easy steps for increasing plastic bottle recycling and promoting the use of reusable water bottles so that we can conserve resources. Recycling one ton of plastic saves 685 gallons of oil!

Quiz show

QuizshowA quiz show is an excellent way to educate the entire school community about waste reduction and recycling. It’s fun, motivational, and student-led. The Green Team Quiz Show guide explains how to host and publicize a fun quiz show and what content to include based on the knowledge level of the audience.

Pick a project, have fun, and help the planet!